Pumpkin (南瓜)

In the past, when fresh vegetables are not sufficient during winter, pumpkins were treated as the best replacement vegetabls.

It is best to consume pumpkins after the winter solstice because this is the time when our body can absorb most minerals and vitamins. Indirectly these nutrients can improve our blood circulation and warm our body. Also pumpkin consumption during this period will prevent flu and stroke. Other than that, consistent consumption of pumpkins also enables visiting toilet easy, soften our complexion and beauty.

The whole of pumpkin plant can be used medicinally: leafs, flower, stems, flower buds, fruits and seeds.

Since pumpkin contains a lot of iron compound, when used as ordinary vegetable it enhances our blood and cures anemia.


1. Preventing stroke

This is an old belief that anyone who consumes pumpkin after winter solstice shall prevent from suffering stroke and cerebral hemorrhage, 

2. Prevents high blood

When consumed about 20g to 30g a day, pumpkin seeds can be used to prevent high blood.

3. Prevents prostate enlargement

A middle age man if consume pumpkin seeds regularly can almost avoid prostate problems.