Vajrayana Diet (金刚乘饮食法)

Unlike the Theravada and Mahayana practitioners, Vajrayana practitioners have a set of diet guidelines because of their yoga practices. Of course, many so-called vajrayana practitioners do not fit into this category because they do not engage in Anuttara Tantra practices proper.

Vajrayana practitioners typically consumes meat and vegetable product due to the following reasons:

In order to raise 'tummo' (inner heat) and to maintain red and white bodhicitta, practitioners must consume meat. Without energy provided by meat, one's inner fire cannot be ignited.

This condition is especially true for those practitioners who have completed the 2nd empowerment. This is the time when they have fortified their 'yidam' practice and that they can control their breathing through the practice of 'vase breathing'.

Before a Anuttara Tantra practitioner can activate his five chakras, he must first strengthen all of his 5 internal organs. Only in such a way that the organs can absorb those nutrients and energy provided by meats; and accomplishes the luminous illusion body of his 'yidam'.

Of course, before a practitioner consumes any food, he must first do research on the suitability of the food in accordance to his practice. At the same time, the timing of the energy movements in each chakra according to timing must also be clearly understood:

1. Period when the energy moves upwards (White Month):

a. Base chakra: 1st day to 3rd day.
b. Naval chakra: 4th day to 6th day.
c. Heart chakra: 7th day to 9th day.
d. Throat chakra: 10th day to 12th day.
e. Crown chakra: 13th day to 15th day.

2. Period when the energy moves downwards (Black Month):

a. Crown chakra: 16th to 18th day.
b. Throat chakra: 18th to 21th day.
c. Heart chakra: 22th to 24th day.
d. Naval chakra: 25th to 27th day.
e. Base chakra: 28th to 30th day.

The above days when energy congregated at specific chakra would be the best time to practice 'vase breathing' or consume foods that can enhance the development of the related chakra.

It is perhaps true that no one would practise 'vajra love' yoga now a days. But those who do engage in the 'karma mudra' (sex partner), he/she must consume enough food so as to attain sufficient energy and protein to support the vigorous activities.