Onions (葱)

Onions are one of common vegetables in Asian household and there are about 40 medicinal uses for onions. Frequent consumption of onions not only can warm one's body but also aids in digestions. For harnessing the maximum benefits of onions, they should be consumed raw.

In culinary, onions are used to overcome stingy smell of meats and seafood.

In ancient India, onions are consumed to strengthen one's body. However, Buddhists think the spicy scent of onions stimulate ones sexual desires and this condition can be a stumbling block for dharma practice. Hence it is forbidden to be consumed by the Buddha. So said, the Buddha did not object the use of onions to cure illnesses.

Medicinal uses of onions:

Formula 1: Treating flu

Get a piece of spring onion and cut off the leafs retaining the white portion near the roots. Then mince the onion and some ginger together. Put the mixture into a cup and pour some hot water to make tea. Consume the ginger-onion tea and the flu condition shall improve.

Formula 2: Stomach cramp (胃痉挛)

Consume some spring onions with soy sauce and the stomach cramp shall be gone. The quantity of consumption varies according to individual.

Note: The above formula is for reference only. Consult your physician first before using.