When Everything Goes Wrong (四大失调)

`Tattutamsidie' is a syndrome in Thai medicine refers to a condition where the 4 elements in our body are seriously imbalance and in a near failure situation. The word 'die' carries the meaning of 'shock and collapse'. In another words, the wind, fire, water and earth elements are in a failure mode.

The sequence of a disease that causes this total failure:

First, the wind loses its mobility and the water (blood) is being excessively discharged out from the body. Then the earth (body) loses the nourishment of water (rapid loses of blood) and vital organs failed to receive needed blood supply. Then the fire element started to be extinguished. Finally, our body cannot perform metabolism and started to die.

Typical symptoms are:

Lack of facial expression, extremely pale face, fast and weak pulses, panicked, icy cold limbs, excessive cold sweat, very little urination, irritable or fainted etc. If the patient is not applied first aids immediately, he/she will die.

Causes to the failure of 4 elements:

Serious injuries, excessive bleeding, poisoning, allergy and etc are possible to send one or many elements off balance and causing catastrophic failure.

Reasons of total elements failure:

1. Excessive seasonal high temperature.
2. Serious injuries.
3. Severe poisoning.
4. Excessive bleeding, serious hiahrrea and vomitting.
5. Serious infections.
6. Allergies to food/medications.
7. Heart attack.

A failure in an element will case a series of chain reactions to other elements. For example: External injury may cause excessive bleeding (lost of blood/water) and also causing wound infections that harms the operations of our body (earth).

Prevention of catastrophic elements failure:

Since failure of 4 elements is quite common in the field and the fatality rate is very high, prevention is definitely better than cure:

1. Proactive action must be taken to remove the cause of sicknesses. For example: a person suffered from broken bones should immediately have his bleeding stopped and the wounds cleaned and bandage; and his broken bones being properly supported in place. In such a way, infections and lost of blood can be minimized.

2. The patient's diet must be nutritious and he/she must have ample rests. Enough clothing should be put on when it is cold and when it is hot, prevention must be made to avoid stroke.

Treatments of total elements failure:

In Thai medicine perspective, failure of 4 elements is dangerous and complex. So, it is best to take an integrated approach.

First, the root cause of the illness must be effectively controlled. Then enough water must be supplied to correct the fluid starvation in the organs and revitalize metabolism.

The patient must maintain a proper posture so that he/she can breathe smoothly.

Then the source of illness must be removed and controlled. Bleeding must be stopped while fluids supplied to replenish the lost. Wounds must be treated immediately and wrapped to prevent infections. In the event of infections, effective detoxification medications must be applied etc.