The Interdependence Of 4 Elements (四大的关系)

Thai medicine takes a holistic approach to the treatment of illnesses. It is only under the condition that all 4 elements are in balance that a person is considered healthy. Likewise, when all four elements are in equilibrium that the place where we live in is safe and productive. When the water element becomes too strong, then we can expect flood.

Let's look at each of the four elements and their relationships:

The 'earth' (bone/flesh) absorbs 'water' and protected by 'fire' and supported by 'air' to avoid a person from becoming disintegrated and destroyed.

The 'water' (blood) dwells in 'earth', protected by 'fire' and supported by 'air'.

The 'fire' stays in the 'earth', absorbed 'water' and supported by the 'earth'.

The 'air' dwells in the 'earth', absorbed by `water' and spreading by the 'fire'.

So, each of the four elements is supported by the other three elements so as to function properly.

In Thai medicine perspective, these four elements are as if four poisonous snakes. So, a person must constantly keep a watchful eye on these four lethal snakes in order to stay healthy.

Hence, the core of treatment in Thai medicine works by balancing these four elements in our body. The strongest element will be subdued while the weaker ones will be enhanced through herbs and physical treatments.