The Earth Element (地大)

The earth element in our body refers to our internal organs and it is the foundation of all 4 elements. Earth element is the foundation of our lives. If there are problems with the earth elements, the other three elements: wind, fire and water elements will be affected and hence we will fall sick.

Like the other three elements, earth elements can also be in excess or insufficient.

1. When the earth element is in excess:

a. Whole body or part will feel cold, stiff, pain, nausea, vomit, stomachache, constipation, insomnia and etc. In Thai medicine, this type of syndrome is collectively known as 'hainausian'.

2. When the earth element is not sufficient:

a. Panicked, lost of appetite, yellow and thin, hearing loss, diminishing vision, incontinence and etc. This type of syndrome is collectively known as 'haipangcaisian'.

Clinically, the excess or insufficient of these 4 elements in our body does not happen in isolation. They are always interrelated and hence the saying:

"When the 4 elements are in union, everything grows. When the 4 elements are disintegrated, sickness will besiege."