Tastes Of Herbs & Neutralizing Medications (性味与解药)

Herbs in Thai medicine can roughly be categorized into 5 major types: cold (寒), cool (凉), warm (温), hot (热) and neutral (平). 

On the other hand, the tastes of herbs can be subdivided into: sour, sweet, puckery (涩), salty, bitter, narcosis (麻), hot (辣) and spicy (辛香).

There is a special type of medicine known as 'yajie' or literately transited as 'undoing medicine' (解药) in Thai medicine.

Herbs with different characteristics will neutralize each other. So, this special 'undoing medicine' is normally used to cure food and medicinal poisoning.

A herbalist must observe the reaction of a patient when the patient is given medication for the first time. In the event that there is a misdiagnosis and the reactions of the patient is negative, then this 'undoing medicine' shall be given to the patient as a neutralizing agent.

Only after the is given the correct type of medication for further treatment. However, in the event of food poisoning, the 'undoing medicine' is first consumed to neutralize the poisons and only after that proper herbs are given for recovery.

So said, a new and inexperienced herbalist should not treat patients before he has stored up the required herbs. The first thing he must learn is to understand the making of 'undoing medicine' and detoxification medications. This is to prevent that in the event patients are given the wrong types of medications, the herbalist will have a way of neutralizing those poisons.

Some herbal formula for neutralizing and detoxification:

1. Collect some betel and green fruit tree barks (Ficus Pumila/青果树), roots of Melochia corchorifolia (马松子) and roots of solanum spirale (旋花茄) and grind them into powder. The powder mixture should be consumed together with warm water.

2. Collect some bear bile juice and some monkey bile juice and consume with warm water.
Naturally, I don't expect you to follow the above formula today...