Selected Kalachakra Medicine Formulas

There are many herbal formulas recorded in Kalachakra Tantra. Below are just some of those:

1. Urine:

The warm urine in the morning can be used to gargle mouth in order to cure mouth diseases (teeth diseases, bad breath and etc.)

A mixture of urine with water can be used to drip into eyes and ears to cure eye and ear diseases.

2. Morning air:

Inhalation of morning air can treat headache.

3. The 'three spice': pepper, piper and ginger can stimulate our spirit.

4. Halite (rock salt) can be used to cure wind, gall bladder and sputum diseases.

5. Nutmeg:

Nutmeg can be used to cure mouth and tooth diseases. The formula is one portion of nutmeg is added into 8 portion of water. The nutmeg and water is boiled until one quarter of juice left.

If nutmeg leafs are used, then the proportion is 1 part of leaf and 4 parts of water.

A tooth diseases sufferer should consume the nutmeg juice with milk to enhance healing effect.

6. Goat urine boiled with sesame and then add one portion of 'three spice' and one part of brine. The mixture is poured into the ear to cure ear disease.

7. Curing acne:

There are two ways to cure acne: 

a. Vase breathing: 

If one suffers from acute eczema and feeling pains all over his body, then he should perform vase breathing continuously until the pain subsides and fever reduced.

b. Lablab is grind into powder and mix the powder into cool water. The solution is consumed until the fever subsides.