Problems With Water Element (水的问题)

Water is the source of all lives. Not only water supports the normal functioning of our organs, it also normalizes our body temperature. In Thai medicine, blood and water affect each other: When blood is insufficient, it worn out the water (body fluids); if water is not enough, it affects the volume of blood.

However, if both water and blood are insufficient; various problems will arise:

1. Excess water can be caused by:

a. Malnutrition, indigestion, stomach related illnesses and malfunctioning of our internal organs.

b. Heart and kidney problems.

c. Serious burns causing body to lose body fluids.

2. Insufficient water can be resulted by:

a. High fever.

b. Insufficient intake of water.

c. Excessive sweating during hot weather.

d. Excessive lost of blood due to severe injuries.

e. Diarrhea.

Symptoms of excess lost of blood are as follows:

a. Extreme thirsty and continuously drinking of water.

c. Lethargic, anemia and depression of eye balls.

d. Extremely pale face, lack or no urine produced, cold and wet limbs.

If a patient is serious losing both water and blood, he/she shall show signs of manic, hallucination, drowsy, unconscious, shock and etc. The patient may die if no first aid is given in due time.