Problems With Fire Imablances (火气失调)

Fire in the context of Thai medicine refers to body heat and it can cause various problems if our body has too much or too little body heat:

1. Excessive body heat will cause:

a. Fever, excessive sweating, headache, toothache, red face, thirsty, dry mouth, restless, constipation and etc.

2. Insufficient body heat causes:

a. Hypo-genesis (发育不良), slow to start talking or walking, dementia (痴呆) and other physiological problems normally caused by parents' genetics.

b. Palpitations, short of breath, cold appearance and stomach, lethargic, diarrhea and etc.

c. Indigestion, stomachache, infertality and etc.

If we would like to compare, the view of Thai and Chinese medicine on body heat imbalance problems are almost identical. In Chinese medicine, people are divided into two broad base: the hot base and the cold base.

Hot base folks are likely to suffer headache, constipation and heat related problems.

Cold base people are likely to suffer from stomachache, cold limbs and cancer.

So, comparatively speaking, both Thai medicine and Chinese medicine agree to each other.