Medicinal Uses Of Boenninghausenia Albiflora (松风草)

First collect 100 portions of boenninghausenia and grind them into powder and store them away for further use. Then, collect the stems and boil them into water at the same time pour in the powder. 

This mixture is then stirred well and made in to pills.

Before using the pills to cure patients, gods of all four directions should be prayed and offerings made. After that $4 is given to the master who passed this knowledge.

The usages:

1. For curing migraine: Take two pepper seeds and grind them into powder, consume together with the pills and warm water.

2. For curing whole body pain: Take 7 pieces of pepper seeds and 7 slices of ginger. Mesh the pepper and ginger and then consume the pills together with warm water.

3. For curing light headache: Take 7 pieces of pepper seeds and 1 pill. Grind the pepper into powder and consume the powder and pill with warm water.

4. Swollen belly (肚气肿): Consume 7 pills with water or wine.

5. Whole body pricking pain: Get one portion of pills and two portions of pepper and consume with water.

6. Heat stroke: Consume 7 pills with honey and water.

7. Poisoning: Get 7 pills, pepper and galangal and consume all with warm water.

8. Sore throat: Get 7 pills, 3 peppers and ginger. Consume all with water.

9. Bitten by poisonous insects: Mesh some pills with urine and apply on the painful part.

10. Tears for no reasons: Use some ginger juice and pills to wipe around the eyes.

11. Cattle fall sick: Feed the animals with some pills and ginger juice.

12. Ringworm: Consume and apply the mixture of pills and water or wine.

13. Cough with sputum: Consume pills with citron juice.

14. Stomach pain: Consume pills with ginger juice.

15. Leaching diseases: Consume pills with bitter winter melon.

16. Jaundice: Consume pills with wine.

The above example is typical one herb formula available in Thai medicine. There are many more but I shall leave them for the time being. Of course, such info is strictly for your reference only.