Growing Environments & Healing Effects (生长环境与作用)

Traditional Thai herbalists put much emphasis on the timing of herbs collections, the growing environments and parts of herbs to be used. At times, especially during emergency; it is not possible to get those familiar herbs in hand. So, new herbs need to be used in the field.

There are thousands of new and unfamiliar herbs around and experienced herbalists rely on a set of rule of thumbs to identify and use new plants on the spot without too much worries:

1. Those plants growing at hanging cliffs and those ones with swollen sections mostly can be used to heal bone fractures, swelling and remove pains.

2. Those plants growing near streams or rivers in the mountain valley can mostly be used to remove heat, detoxification, remove swelling and pains. So these plants can be used to cure bruises, rheumatic pains etc.

3. Those parasitic plants such as ferns can be used to remove stones, birth control and curing allergies.

4. Those plants growing beside rivers, ponds and rice fields can be used to remove excess body fluid and swelling. They can also be used to cure numbness caused by rheumatism, pains in limbs, edema and etc

5. Red flowering plants or red plants can be used to enhance blood and energy flow, stops bleeding and dysmenorrhea.

6. White flowering plants or plants with white saps can mostly be used to cure stone problems, nerve calming, stops pain, remove swelling and detoxification.

7. Plants with yellow colors are mostly used to cure various hepatitis, detoxification, aids in blood and energy circulations.

At this point I have to stop here and caution that some of the points can only be used by experts and on local endemic herbs only. Many foreign introduced plants are very toxic in nature especially those aroids with white saps is a big NO-NO to be consumed or there will be life threatening consequences.

So, just a word of warning that the above material is for your reading pleasure only.