Formula For Preventing Winter Illnesses (冬季病药方)

Herbs needed:

1. Coriandrum sativum (芫荽)
2. Holarrhena antidysentiea (止泻木)
3. Momordica charantia (野苦瓜)
4. Acorus calamus (菖蒲)
5. Citrus medica (佛手)


1. Collect corinder seeds, holarrhena, momordica and acorus and sun dry them. After that grind them into powder and mix the herbal powder together. The powder mixture is then sifted and stored in a cool place ready to be used.

2. The dosage is 3g to 5g and this herbal formula is mixed with warm water and it is to be consume together with some citrus medica.


1. For curing common winter discomforts: cough, flu and indigestion.

Note: Old herbal formula for reference purposes only.