Carrots (萝卜)

Carrots are not only consumed as vegetables, they are being used medicinally in Buddhist medicine as well.

According to the Buddha, carrots can quench thirst, enhance digestion, beautifying facial and skin appearances, aids in removal of trouble mind and prevents hunger.

The Buddha has used the leafs, roots and seeds of carrots to cure shoulder joint pains, stomach pains, sore tooth and even stroke.

In Buddhist medicine, carrots are used to treat headache as well. There is a story being passed down:

A monk suffered headache. The Buddha poured some carrot juice into his nostrils and he was cured. Later, other monks continued to use this method to cure headache, eye diseases and rhinitis (鼻炎).


1. Healing headache

Drop 2~3 drops of carrot juice into nostrils. If one suffers from migraine, then carrot juice should be dropped into the nostril on the side of the migraine.

2. Removes spines (酒刺)

First mince some carrot into small pieces and squeeze some juice.  Add some water and boil the juice. Once the juice is boiled, add in 5~6 pieces of peach leafs. The concentration of the juice depends on the severity of the problem. Once cool, the juice can be used to wash face.

3. Healing otitis media (中耳炎)

Legend has it that once there were many monks suffering from ear pains and the number was on the rise. After some investigations, monk doctor found that the patients hurt themselves by digging their ears.

So the diagnosis was the ear pains was due to germ infections. Hence the doctor made some ointment from carrots and subsequently cured the suffering monks.

The Buddha hence developed 'ear cleaning method' and forbade the use of sharp object to dig ears. The Buddha has also advised his disciples that in the event of suffering acute otitis (急性耳炎), one should use carrot juice to treat as early as possible.

Also in treating chronic otitis media (慢性中耳炎), one can mince some carrots and make juice. The juice is then applied at painful part with cotton swabs twice a day. The carrot juice should be freshly made for every use.

Note: The info is for reference only. A doctor should first be consulted before using the formulas.