Base Chakra Illnesses, Vase Breathing & Diet (海底轮食疗法)

Kalachakra Tantra practice is all about vase breathing.

According to Kalachkara, base chakra where the belly and reproductive organ are contain 80 types of source of illnesses. When base chakra is imbalance, illnesses may be resulted. Death may be resulted if the illnesses are serious.

In order to bring our body back to health and balance, we must practice 'vase breathing' so that we can bring the downward energy to neutralize the discomfort caused by the upward energy. It is even more beneficial if we can discharge this excess and unwanted upward energy downward and out of our body.

Of course, the practice of vase breathing must coincide with the correct timing:

White Month: 1st to 3rd day
Black Month: 28th to 30th day

Illnesses related to base chakra:

1. Impotence:

a. Boil seeds of alluim tuberosum with water in small fire until the soup turns thick. Consume the juice.
b. Boil eucomia ulmoides with pig kidneys.
c. Boil cow penis with red carrots.
d. Boil lamb penis with cow's milk.

2. Diabetes Melitus

a. Corn stigma is boiled with pig pancreas.

3. Leucorrhorea

a. Boil spinal cord of a bull with codonopsis pilosula, asrtagalus membraneceus, lycium chinenese and dioscorea opposita.

If a woman feels weak and unhealthy, then the above formula may be helpful.

All of the herbal formula above must be consumed in conjunction with the times and the practice of vase breathing to receive maximum healing effect. 

Again, just a reminder:

The above formula is for your reference only.